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RCA offers campus preview events for parents of kindergarten through rising 6th grade students designed to give a better understanding of who we are by highlighting the vision and mission of the academy, as well as the logistics and daily experience at RCA. We will also have a Q&A time, and a brief tour of the school. Attendance at a preview event is a requirement of the admissions process.  Please note, this event is designed solely for parents. While attendance is free, registration is required. Please RSVP by completing the RCA Interest Form.  You may also complete this form to request further information or you may contact RCA admissions via phone at (470) 496-5689 or via email at
Restoration Church
410 Rucker Road, #200 Building
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Upcoming Preview Dates

Thursday, April 11, 9am
Thursday, May 2, 6:30pm
Wednesday, June 12, 6:30pm
Wednesday, July 10, 6:30pm


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410 Rucker Road
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Frequently Asked

Are entrance assessments required at RCA?

The need for entrance assessments will be based upon application, records and family interviews.

Are books included in tuition?

Parents will be responsible for the purchase of their child’s curriculum. A detailed list as well as instructions for ordering will be provided upon enrollment.

Does RCA teach creation-based science?

Yes, we believe that God is the Creator of all things; therefore our science curriculum is taught through the lens of creation.

Does RCA accept students with learning differences?

Yes, RCA may accept students with learning differences.  The Academy will evaluate on an individual basis any learning difference accommodations that may be provided for enrolled students who have been diagnosed by a licensed psychologist/psychiatrist.

Where can I see the School Calendar?

You can view the tentative 2023/2024 calendar online here.

Is RCA a covenant Christian school?

RCA defines a covenant community as one comprised of like-minded families including one parent who has a personal relationship with and testimony of Jesus alive in their life. RCA is covenant based on this definition.

Is RCA accredited?

This is the inaugural year for RCA. Becoming an accredited school requires that a school be in process. RCA plans to seek accreditation in the future.

What are your school hours?

K-6  students are on campus from 8:30am - 2:30pm Monday - Thursday. 

At-home instruction takes place on Fridays (or whichever day works best for the family over the weekend.)


Do students at RCA wear uniforms?

Students will have a basic dress code comprised of khaki bottoms and solid polo shirts. The purpose of the dress code is to prevent distraction and comparison with students while ensuring modesty and appropriate choices.