About Our School

We are an engaged community, working together to promote Jesus-centered learning and leadership

Vision Defined

To launch mission-minded Jesus followers who fearlessly shape culture and expand His Kingdom


Jesus walked the earth on a mission to bring life and did so through serving.   We are mindful to follow His lead.

Jesus Followers

As Jesus followers, we agree to come under the Lordship AND leadership of His authority in our lives. Because He is Lord,  He leads in all areas of life and all has the final say for our future decisions.

Shape Culture and Expand His Kingdom

Jesus influences and shapes culture through engaging relationships, meeting people where they were, spreading life, speaking truth and simply being Truth.  As disciples we are to imitate Him and stand firm on, in and for Biblical Truth. Students are taught to steward well their time, talent and treasures as they “Go out” and impact culture through the spheres of family, religion, education, government, business, media and arts and entertainment.

Mission Defined

Equip families to develop discerning leaders through intentional education and community

Equip Families

God gave parents the primary responsibility of raising and training their children. We believe the privilege of discipling our own children is best accomplished within a community of like-minded families on mission together.  We serve the family through offering a model of holistic discipleship accomplished in a dynamic, loving and intentional academic setting.

Develop Discerning Leaders

Development is the process of uncovering what lies beneath the surface or to make known something that is concealed. God has given His children the mind and heart of Christ. Our job is to form, mold and shape the minds and hearts of future leaders to bring forth the will of God on earth as it is in Heaven.  Discerning leaders will see like He sees, discover His ways, know the truth and judge rightly according to His Word for the glory of God and the good of others.  

Intentional Education & Community

Education has been defined. In fact, the Latin root, “educo” means, “to lead”. Education consists of instruction, connection, taking knowledge to a place of understanding and the formation of habits. WE believe as we return to this original meaning, that education can be redeemed, restored and reformed community by community. 

Redeemed | Jesus at the Center
Restored | Every Child is Known
Reformed |  Innovative, Life-giving, Biblical Education 


Statement of Faith

Because RCA is a ministry of Restoration Church, the school’s statements of faith aligns with the church. At RCA we believe that places of education cannot teach truth effectively without the Word of God as the firm foundation for ALL Truth. At least one parent is required to be in full agreement with our statement of faith in order to attend RCA.

Jesus Matters

It is our strong belief that Jesus Christ is Lord! There are so many things that distract and take away from the simple message of the gospel. Jesus said, “If I am lifted up, I will draw all men to myself.” John 12:32 It’s all about the message, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. It’s that simple. It really is.

Truth Matters

There is no substitute for spending time in the Word and coming to understand and value biblical truth. In a day like we live where there is so much confusion, we are committed to the eternal truth found in God’s word. We are committed to being a church that takes God at His word, stands on His truth, claims His promises, and lives on every word that comes from the mouth of God.

Family Matters

The bible starts in Genesis with a marriage in the garden and it ends with another marriage in the book of Revelation. Throughout all of scripture, we see that family really does matter to Father God. We place great emphasis on the building up of the family. We are intentional about developing strong marriages where husbands and wives learn to love one another with a biblical love and commitment. Additionally, God’s word teaches us how to be effective parents as we nurture the next generation of world changers. Therefore, we commit to building a high-impact youth and children’s ministry as we partner together.

Spirit-filled Matters

In Acts 2 we see the Church birthed on the Day of Pentecost. Throughout the world today God’s Church is experiencing explosive growth because Holy Spirit is still active. We believe the spiritual gifts are for today’s church and that nothing eternal or significant is accomplished outside of the power of the Holy Spirit. We welcome the use of the spiritual gifts at Restoration Church “…in a fitting and orderly way.” Corinthians 14:40

End Time Matters

It is quite evident that these days are filled with Biblical significance. We see prophecies being fulfilled almost on a daily basis. The Bible teaches us to be awake and alert as you see coming of the Lord drawing near. At Restoration Church, we talk about a “balanced vigilance” where we understand the days and times in which we live. The stakes are high and we want to be awake, alert, and reaping the harvest in these last days. It’s a great time to be alive, know Jesus, and minister to a hurting and confused world. We know how this story ends!