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Academy Distinctives

Why We Exist

Intentional Education

  • Education has been defined. In fact, the Latin root, “educo” means, “to lead”. Education consists of instruction, correction, taking knowledge to a place of understanding and the formation of habits. We believe as we return to this original meaning, that education can be redeemed, restored and reformed community by community. 
      • Redeemed | Jesus at the Center
      • Restored | Every Child is Known
      • Reformed |  Innovative, Life-giving, Biblical Education

What Makes Us Different

Learning to Learn is the Goal

  • Processing is encouraged; Questions are expected
  • Students are discipled, not indoctrinated
  • Facts are presented; Opinions are processed Freedom is valued; Choices are practiced
  • Truth is taught; Theories are discussed

How We Partner

We Equip the Family

Partner with the Family – God gave parents the primary responsibility of raising and training their children. We believe the privilege of discipling our own children is best accomplished within a community of like-minded families on mission together.  We serve the family through offering a model of holistic discipleship accomplished in a dynamic and intentional academic setting.

It is our primary mission to equip the family to develop discerning leaders and we take this responsibility and privilege very seriously.  We think that God’s Word is clear about the importance of the relationship between the parent and child and of God’s design for the family as the primary source of instruction. RCA aims to stand as a support for your family, but in no way will act as a replacement.  

While the family unit is to serve as the primary source of spiritual direction, we at RCA realize that in order to encourage growth and maturity of the “whole” child, parents often need to seek wise counsel from those gifted in specific areas.  We hope to support parents as they become a “student” of their student, learning not only what excites and motivates them, but also what challenges them. A parent’s role is to bring forth all that God has designed in their child for God’s glory. We want to help you do that! At RCA parents will receive ongoing training to ensure the community remains like-minded in their common mission.  

We encourage parents to look at the growth of their child rather than performance. The faculty and staff of RCA will probe, challenge and encourage students as well as give feedback to parents in the areas of spiritual, intellectual, emotional and relational growth in an effort to determine each child’s unique set of gifts, talents and passions.  

Jeremiah 29:11 states that God knows the plans He has for each child and those plans are to prosper them and not to harm them, plans to give them a hope! And a future! 

We realize that each child has a God-given “bent” and will be very excited about some of their studies, while less enthusiastic about others.  We will use the classes that are difficult for the student as an opportunity to inspire obedience, perseverance and good, old-fashioned hard work.  Lastly, we recognize the life lessons that come along with academics and we look forward to partnering with you as we watch your child walk toward all that God has planned for them!

Who We Are

Core Values

Secure Relationships

Trust God; Choose integrity;
Believing the best & Respecting Others

Biblical Education

Seeking Truth, Instruction and Correction; Growing in Knowledge and Understanding; Pursuing Wisdom

Unique Identity

Building Others up by Speaking Truth and Life, Knowing Whose We Are and Who We Are

Holistic Discipleship

Learning to grow wholly leads to peace, security & maturity

Personal Responsibility

Forming Healthy Habits, Choosing Self-Discipline, Owning My Part and My Life

Engaged Citizenship

Seeking to serve together in collaboration and participation


Tuition Fees

2023-2024 RCA Tuition & Fees

Tuition & fees for K – 6th grade covers on-campus instruction with certified teachers Monday through Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

K – 6th Grade Tuition $7,900
Application Fee $250
Enrollment Fee $250

* All fees are non-refundable. The first payment will be due in July.
** Parents will be responsible for the purchase of their child’s curriculum. A detailed list as well as instructions for ordering will be provided upon enrollment.


Frequently Asked

Are entrance assessments required at RCA?

The need for entrance assessments will be based upon application, records and family interviews.

Are books included in tuition?

Parents will be responsible for the purchase of their child’s curriculum. A detailed list as well as instructions for ordering will be provided upon enrollment.

Does RCA teach creation-based science?

Yes, we believe that God is the Creator of all things; therefore our science curriculum is taught through the lens of creation.

Does RCA accept students with learning differences?

Yes, RCA may accept students with learning differences.  The Academy will evaluate on an individual basis any learning difference accommodations that may be provided for enrolled students who have been diagnosed by a licensed psychologist/psychiatrist.

Where can I see the School Calendar?

You can view the tentative 2023/2024 calendar online here.

Is RCA a covenant Christian school?

RCA defines a covenant community as one comprised of like-minded families including one parent who has a personal relationship with and testimony of Jesus alive in their life. RCA is covenant based on this definition.

Is RCA accredited?

This is the inaugural year for RCA. Becoming an accredited school requires that a school be in process. RCA plans to seek accreditation in the future.

What are your school hours?

K-6  students are on campus from 8:30am - 2:30pm Monday - Thursday. 

At-home instruction takes place on Fridays (or whichever day works best for the family over the weekend.)


Do students at RCA wear uniforms?

Students will have a basic dress code comprised of khaki bottoms and solid polo shirts. The purpose of the dress code is to prevent distraction and comparison with students while ensuring modesty and appropriate choices.